Which services can provide by servy…?

Almost all technological services related to IT sectors and providing complete setup.

Is there any charge to join with servy…?

No, its totally Free of cost.

What i have to do to join with you…?

Just need to fill the left side form once, you will get call from our project manager with in 2 days / after fill the form you can msg by whatsapp to discuss.

Which projects Servy Handle…?

1. Bank networking setup
2. Computer installation and AMC in Business sectors
3. Website & Software development for organisations.
4. Industrial Electrical and IT infrastructure setup.
5. CCTV & security system with Firesafety equipement setup.

How to work …?

If there is any project for your areas, we will provide details you have to arrange accordingly, we will support remotely.

How can i get instant support for any thing regarding business…?

Whatsapp to 9938664422 / 9853500077 with your requirement / need, we will provide appropriate persons contact.

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